Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Fur Babies

What family would be complete without furry friends. We have two very loving and completely dependent fur babies. the oldest, Diva, is true to her name. She is 8 years old now and she rules the house. Diva, became part of my life when I was single and living by myself. She is my first baby and she will always be special to me.

After Brenden was alittle over a year old, I started wanting another child. I asked my husband to get me a puppy so it could take the place of my baby yearnings. It was way too soon to get pregnant again so we got Abbie! Abbie, is a little special. She is alot like Odie from the Garfield cartoons. But, we love her.

And she never took the place of a baby. A year later, we were pregnant again!


  1. Your fur babies are adorable! And I like your bed.

  2. Your dogs are beautiful! I can't get enough of dogs, they're so beautiful it makes me cry! I have 3! Max is 13, I got her for my 8th birthday she is a chiauha x Australian terrior. Bella is 4 and has the best manners she's so obediant and eager to please, she's also very pretty!(staffy x kelpie) and the newest addition to our family is Miko a purebred staffy she's 9 months old and the naughtiest puppy! Heres some photos of them in one of my posts!